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A&E Billing is not your ordinary billing company. We dedicate ourselves to providing a high-quality service that will help your business to achieve its maximum potential. With modern, up-to-date technology to protect your private information and experienced billing and payment processors to assist your business with this important function, A&E Billing strives to be your number one billing solution.

Whether you are a home insurance company or are involved in motor or business policies, we are here to help!

Our full-service company is here to help you with all of your invoicing, payment processing and account management needs. When you have an experienced billing and payment processing company on your side, you have more time to dedicate to what’s really important: running your business.

Get Quote Devil Car Insurance

Posted by Ira Hartman on  September 18, 2018
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Insurance is an essential part of life, and it is necessary to protect you in the case of an emergency or another event that you did not plan.  It is one of those things that to be without it would be making a profoundly unwise choice not only for you but possibly for anyone involved. There are many kinds of coverages to protect individuals living in Ireland, and one of them is car insurance, such as the coverage offered by This is a fully bonded and insured company. So it is not one of the fly-by-night organisations that pop up to scam unsuspecting persons. It was launched in 2009, and the team has over 40 years of experience in the Insurance Market. Working with an organisation that has experience is especially important when it comes to premiums. The goal of the company is to not only provide a quality product but to do it at low rates and in the fastest possible time. When a company makes such a claim, it is essential for them to stand behind what they say. Before we get into the details of what is offered, let’s explain why you need such a plan for yourself and for your car.

Why do you need coverage for your car? 

There are many reasons as to why you need such protection for yourself and for your car.  One of the most important is that driving without insurance in Ireland is illegal. If you are caught, it can be punishable by a hefty fine and even imprisonment. The reason there are stiff penalties for being an uninsured driver is to protect not only those who are on the road with you but to protect yourself. Taking a chance on being uninsured to save money is never wise.

Second, motor policies give you financial protection in the event that your vehicle is damaged in an accident. This protection not only covers your car, but it includes any injuries to you, other passengers, other drivers, any pedestrians, and the property of others. Without such insurance, the costs to cover these factors could be astronomical. The charges could be so bad that you could be severely financially hardened or even bankrupt. Vehicle insurance also covers you if your car is stolen, destroyed by fire or vandalised. Policies like these make it a goal to cover as much as possible.

Why Quote Devil car insurance? 

1. They have some of the cheapest rates in Ireland 

Automobiles, in and of themselves, are expensive. Even if you were to buy a used car, you are likely putting out a large sum of money. With the addition of vehicle coverage, something that is mandatory in Ireland or faces stiff penalties, the price of owning a vehicle becomes even more expensive. Quote Devil has some of the cheapest rates on comprehensive coverage and is dedicated to getting you the lowest price possible.  Therefore, you save money that can be applied to other bills.  They have a team of dedicated advisers, based in Dublin, who can access your situation, compare various policies and rates, and come up with a plan for you. Furthermore, the company can offer installments which are especially helpful to people who are on a budget or who are acquiring their first policy.

2. Getting started is user-friendly 

You can either call the company or you can fill out the online form and get a quote.  Everything is designed for you to get signed up in a user-friendly way. These days cheap insurance doesn’t automatically mean it is inadequate. You can get good coverage fast and you can do it without worry or hassle.

3.  The vehicle insurer offers extras 

If you were to research vehicle insurers, you would see that not all offer the same thing. Quote Devil car insurance offers a variety of extras such as benefits for female drivers, breakdown assistance, coverage if you drive someone else’s car, windshield cover, etc.  These are factors that every person looking for this kind of information should take into consideration.

Looking at the coverage for women drivers, for example, the company ensures that they look at the most appropriate coverage regardless of gender. Therefore, they look at the most suitable policy. This is not a cookie-cutter coverage, but one that is tailored for each customer. If you are a single female, for example, this kind of attention can ensure that you get the kind of protection that is ideal for you.

4. They offer a multi-policy discount 

Are you familiar with the term multi-policy discount? It refers to bundling more than one insurance policy together. For example, you can bundle vehicle coverage with home coverage. Doing so can save you money. In addition, because your plans are kept in one place, it makes it that much easier for you. Quote Devil not only has vehicle insurance but they also offer home, life, pet, travel, business, and more. Essentially, you can get all the plans you need with the company, which saves you time and should save you money as well.

5. They offer no claims discount 

If you are a good driver, many companies will reward that kind of record. You could save up to 60 percent on your premium if you are a good driver. Your no claims bonus can also be protected in the event of a claim. Rewarding good drivers is another way to ensure that Ireland’s roads are as safe as they can be.

6. They offer vehicle alarm discount 

Does your vehicle have an alarm or an immobiliser? You can get a discount of up to 10 percent. You can get rewarded for doing what you can to ward off theft.

7. They offer a courtesy vehicle 

If your car has been stolen or is being repaired, the company offers a courtesy vehicle with fully comprehensive policies. Therefore, there is no need to worry about being without a car. The company has locations throughout Ireland, making getting a courtesy vehicle hassle free. This is one of the best reasons to go with a company that offers extras or perks.

8. Declined drivers are encouraged to check it out 

Not everyone is accident-free. Some drivers have accidents on their records, and therefore, it’s hard for them to get insured. It’s as if their past is a complete detriment to trying to improve and get ahead. Quote Devil has specialists that are trained to provide the attention declined drivers need. They know what to do if you have had a conviction if you have lost you’re no claim bonus, or if you have an outstanding claim. With that being said, premiums for this kind of coverage are typically higher but is a start for cleaning up your record and building toward a no claims bonus.

Having an accident on your record is not the only reason people get declined. You may be denied if your vehicle is over 15 years old. The vehicle policy coverage company has specialists who can look at cases where people seeking insurance are rejected due to the age of their cars. This is something that has been happening more and more and has become a real problem for people seeking these kinds of plans.

You can get a quote in less than one minute from Quote Devil car insurance. The products are sold online only which eliminates the kind of expenses that other companies deal with.  You can not only get great rates but you can get the extras that make life easier.

Benefits Of Buying Insurance From Quote Devil Insurance

Posted by Ira Hartman on  September 11, 2018
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There is a lot more to buying an insurance policy than asking for a quote from an insurance company and signing on the dotted line. One of the most common misconceptions associated with the insurance industry is that consumers can save a lot of money by buying insurance directly from the insurance company but anecdotal evidence suggests that there are several benefits of buying insurance through an experienced and reputed insurance broker such as Quote Devil Insurance. Here is a list of some of the major benefits of using an insurance broker for all your insurance needs.


More often than not, people miscalculate the amount of insurance they need and end up being underinsured just to save a few bucks. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with an insurance broker as these professionals are experts in the market and are aware of the adequate amount of insurance an individual or a business needs. They will ensure that you get an adequate level of insurance cover, at the right price.
There are also aware of some of the more unusual insurance products available in the market today that can help you in saving a bit of money on insurance.


As mentioned in the beginning, it is a popular belief that direct insurance pricing is better than broker pricing. However, the facts are different as many research studies have proven that broker pricing, in most cases, tends to be better than direct consumer pricing. One of the reasons is that insurance companies offer different rates to brokers. This may seem counterintuitive to you but you need to understand that insurance companies are in the business of covering risks.
Working with professional experts such as reputable insurance brokers allows them to lower their risks as brokers have the necessary training and ethics to choose the right insurance policy for their clients. Brokers also make sure that their clients are not underinsured which means insurance companies get to avoid any unnecessary claims. In simple terms, insurance brokers are not just middlemen who pay commission for nothing. They actively help insurance companies as well as their clients in ensuring that the risk is minimised.

Personalised Service 

An insurance broker works for their client and not for the insurance company. They sell a variety of insurance products from a number of different insurance companies which means they are capable of offering the best insurance policy or a combination of policies to their clients. They can quickly provide the best insurance deal for their clients by combining different products from different companies or from the same insurance company. When you buy insurance directly from an insurance provider, the insurance company does not take into account your personal needs as they will just suggest the amount of insurance based on information provided by you.
On the other hand, an experienced insurance broker will take a close look at your personal requirements in order to recommend the best insurance coverage for your specific needs. Also, insurance brokers are aware of various insurance products offered by different insurance companies and more often than not, are capable of offering their clients the best deals available as they are not tied to a particular insurance company.

Ease of Buying Insurance 

Another common misconception associated with direct buying of insurance from an insurance provider is that it’s extremely easy as compared to going through an insurance broker such as Quote Devil Insurance. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Some research studies suggest that going through an insurance broker makes it easier for consumers to buy the right kind of insurance policy or a combination of insurance policies as compared to direct buying from an insurance provider. One of the reasons is that most experienced insurance brokers are proactive which is not the case with insurance companies. Also, brokers are more helpful when it comes to buying insurance policies that are not that common.
One of the most overlooked aspects of buying insurance is that your insurance needs might change after a few years. In such cases, it is unlikely that you will get any kind of help from the insurance company as their staff is not trained to offer such kind of help. On the other hand, the insurance brokers shine in this area as they have complete knowledge of the insurance industry and can help customers with mid-term changes, various kinds of documentation requests and other such things.


Insurance brokers are properly regulated which means they have to meet certain ethical standards as well as financial obligations. Also, they hold professional indemnity insurance and it is their duty to recommend the right products to each client. There are also governed by a particular code of ethics.
All the brokers are required to share a copy of the terms of business outlining the insurance companies they deal with, with each client. This should tell the consumer about how the insurance brokers are paid as well as details of fees charged by them. This allows consumers to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing an insurance broker.


Overall, these are some of the major advantages of working with a professional insurance broker such as Quote Devil Insurance. When you work with an insurance broker, you have an experienced and reliable professional on your side to help you choose the right policy cover for yourself as well as your family or your business.
Reputed insurance brokers are known to offer unbiased and professional advice. They can help you understand the insurance industry jargon and you can ask them everything you want to know about a particular policy or a combination of policies. Also, they will help with the claim as their reputation is based on the customer service offered by them to their clients.
So, make sure to go to an insurance broker such as Quote Devil Insurance, next time you want to buy insurance. You will not only get personalised advice and excellent customer service but you will also save some money as they will help you choose the right insurance products, at the right price.

5 Practices That All Great Billing Companies Use

Posted by Ira Hartman on  September 3, 2018
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Category: Best Practices

When you’re in need of billing and payment management services, you want to ensure that you’re putting your trust in the right hands. There are lots of billing companies out there, but not all of them are reputable. When choosing the billing company that best suits your business, there are some things that you need to make sure to come with the company you choose.

They Secure Your Data

Private information of yours or your clients’ is always vulnerable to possible viral attacks and hacking schemes. Not only should you know that the company protects this sensitive data, but you should also inquire as to how exactly they go about doing so. How do they protect the information of the people whose details they have access to for the purposes of billing?

They Deliver Detailed Reports

At the end of every month, your billing company should release to you a document detailing the most useful information as it pertains to your company and the billing process. Over time, this data can help business owners to identify patterns that they can then use to set realistic expectations of their business.

Some billing companies grant you the ability to run and access your own reports, which is definitely a feature that you should consider making a priority.

Their Technology is Up-to-Date

Having outdated technology leaves information processors running more slowly and makes them more vulnerable to the kind of catastrophe that exposes private information to unwanted parties. If their services are often upgraded and their technology is as well, you can bet that you’re dealing with a billing company that takes their responsibilities seriously. Each industry has its challenges, and your billing company could help you to conquer some of them if they have the right technology, attitude and sense of innovation.

They Never Leave You in the Dark

When your billing company rolls out a new service, application, software program or upgrade of some kind, you should know about it. Not only should you be made aware of these changes, but you should also be given at least a bare-minimum insight into how to operate whatever new features your billing company releases.

They Readily Give You Access to Your Own Data

Never trust a billing company that doesn’t allow you to access your own company’s data. You need to be able to run reports in order to assess numerous aspects of your business, and you shouldn’t have to wait for someone to deliver them to you via email in order to get that important information. This type of system is also used by many house and home insurance companies.

Not having this kind of access is especially problematic if you ever choose to switch over to another billing service. Not being able to obtain your old records can make the transition to a new service more difficult and frustrating.

How a Billing Company is a Valuable Asset for Your Business

Posted by Ira Hartman on  August 28, 2018
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Meticulous record-keeping is essential to keeping your business on the right track. Many ambitious entrepreneurs that open up a business want to take on this role themselves, either because they feel that it best keeps them informed of their business operations or because they are reluctant to pay for the services of a billing company. This article will inform you of just how valuable a billing company can be for a business of any size. See how Quote Devil insurance brokers have thrived by using effective billing solutions!

Top 3 Reasons to Enlist a Billing Company’s Services

There are many reasons that may drive you to hiring a billing and payment processing company. Without knowing your unique set of circumstances, here are the top three reasons we find that business owners recruit the help of a reputable billing company.

You Save Time

When you’re in charge of running a business, your time is of the utmost value. Business owners who try and take on the added responsibilities of billing and payment processing often find themselves over-burdened by the sheer number of tasks they must perform on a daily basis. When your time is spent in your office processing invoices and ensuring payments, that means that you’re spending less time performing the service that your business provides.

With the help of a billing company, you free up this portion of your time to focus on the operations of your business.

You Have Access to All the Data

Any billing company worth its salt grants their clients access to their business’ information. You should be able to run reports for assessment purposes and regularly check in to see if patterns are forming in the data itself. As the business owner, you get the advantages of having your secured data managed by another company while still having the freedom to access this information whenever you need it.

Everything Stays Organized for You

It’s a challenge to keep on top of the sea of transaction paperwork that is a part of a business’ operation. Invoices from vendors, billing statements sent to clients, payment processing documents and more can quickly pile up into a seemingly insurmountable mess of numbers that still need to be processed. A billing company not only handles these matters for you, but their specialists also ensure that the data they handle is well-organized so that it may be accessed later.

Forget about stashing invoice receipts into a file cabinet to sort through later. When you hire the help of a billing company, you simply don’t have to worry about these documents until you need to pull them up later. And when you do, they’re available at your fingertips.

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